• Dirgha

    Dirgha pranayama or “three-part breathing” is usually one of the first breathing exercises new yogis learn. It is a great stress reliever, helping the mind to become calm, quiet and focused. This deep breathing exercise also flushes your internal organs with oxygen, which is often lacking during

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  • Bolsters for Yoga

    Bolsters are an excellent yogic prop for both active and passive poses. Especially in restorative poses or when recovering from an injury, using bolters can help you focus on proper alignment and relaxation in the poses, rather than straining for position. What Is a Bolster? Bolsters are round, densely

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  • Head to Knee

    Head to knee posture is a particular adaptation of the forward bending posture. In head to knee, you round your spine so that the forehead touches your straightened knees, using the hands as an aid. The Mechanics of Head to Knee Head to knee posture can be done in either a seated or standing position,

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  • Half Shoulderstand

    Balance is a core aspect of physical and mental wellbeing. When your body is well balanced you are less likely to fall and endure an injury. A good work-life balance also promotes mental wellbeing. Learning how to become balanced requires trust in yourself, your body, and your capabilities. As you start

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  • Bikram

    The Bikram yoga style was developed by Bikram Choudhury, who derived a specific set of 26 poses from traditional Hatha yoga. These 26 poses are always done in the same order to enhance the physical benefits of going from one pose to the other. What Bikram yoga is most famous for, however, is the fact

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  • Aerial

    The hot new trend in the world of yoga, aerial takes traditional poses to a whole new level, allowing participants to take on a degree of acrobatics rarely pursued in ordinary workouts. Although this variety of yoga is a better fit for more experienced yogis, it can, with the right modifications, be

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  • Kundalini

    Although Kundalini yoga has only been available in the West for a few years, the practice is much older than that and it includes the tenet of chanting. Yogi Bhajan brought Kundalini yoga to the west in 1969 when he founded the 3HO (healthy, happy, holy) organization to introduce the practice to the

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  • Glossary

    Aerial - a unique yoga class using hammocks to aid yoga poses, some of which occur in the air. Ananda - a yoga style that uses poses, breathing, affirmations, and 39 "Energization Exercises" to awaken and control chakra energy. Anusara - a new (1997) form of yoga based on the "Tantric Philosophy of

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  • Benefits of Yoga

    Practicing yoga regularly will improve your fitness level, no doubt. But did you know that yoga offers specific benefits for PMS, people with MS (multiple sclerosis), pregnant women, children, and more? Take a look at seven yoga benefits you may have not considered. PMS Relief If you suffer from PMS,

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  • Corpse

    There are many benefits of the corpse pose, also known as “Savasana” in Sanskrit. It is an easy pose for almost anyone to perform. It is often performed at the end of yoga classes or sets of other poses so that your body has time to integrate all of the benefits of the poses just performed. Corpse

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  • Belts

    Belts or straps are yoga props designed to help with the modification of intense yoga postures. Using a strap can help a practicing yogi focus on correct alignment in a position instead of straining, which can cause unbalance and injury. Unlike bolsters, which work best as props in passive poses, belts

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  • Warrior I and Warrior II

    The warrior posture is one of the most foundational poses of any yoga practice. This pose emulates strength—both mentally and physically. As you hold warrior pose, you stand firmly on your mat with your arms outstretched in an upward direction. Your legs are firm, your gaze straight up into the air.

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  • Noisy Joints During Yoga: Are the Sounds Normal?

    Wondering why your joints click and pop when you perform yoga? Find out if the sounds are normal.

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  • What Is Face Yoga?

    Yoga for your face may sound a little strange, but special yoga poses and exercises can decrease wrinkles.

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  • Yoga Poses That Enhance Flexibility

    Yoga is a great exercise option that can help you become more flexible. In addition to increasing flexibility, yoga increases muscle strength, reduces stress, improves your energy level and burns calories. Don't worry if you cannot perform yoga poses perfectly the first time you try them. It will take

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  • Yoga On-the-Go

    In addition to increased flexibility and strength, regular yoga practice contributes to better sleep, reduced tension, more energy and a healthier immune system, and regular practitioners of yoga will tell you that the benefits certainly don’t stop there. While you don’t have to be the world’s

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