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Yoga has its own language, and you may feel like you are listening to a foreign dialect if you’re new to the practice. Phrases like “sivananda yoga” and “svaroopa” are not self-explanatory. To help you navigate your way through the language of yoga, and find the right yoga class, here are the definitions to some of the most commonly used yoga terms.


MEDITATION CLASS is usually passive or receptive for you.  The best prayers are from the heart of the center of our being.   Our bodies move through yoga lovingly to create insight and understanding for others in the world community.   Meditation brings visualization of healing through hearing and feeling through one to others in the world.  Yoga postures take on a new meaning as well as visualization through the heart to the spirit.  Mindful breathing brings one back to center where there is a feeling of stillness, peace and joy.  Come one, come all.

Private Sessions

Private sessions are a good option for beginner yoga students and advanced yogis alike. Your Yoga By Robin instructor will help you align your body properly and pay special attention to the areas where you can improve your yoga mastery.


Vinyasa yoga is also called flow yoga. In this style, movements and poses are synchronized with the breath. Typically, upward movements are performed while inhaling and downward movements are performed while exhaling.

Wake Up/ Sun Yoga

WAKE UP/SUN YOGA class gives breath and flow to the postures of yoga.  You will become familiar with each movement as you extend or stretch, and exhale as you fold and contract.   This WAKE-UP YOGA builds strength and increases flexibility in your body.  There is a mental awakening with this type of yoga.  This class is ideal for the early riser or a before work stress releaser.  WAKE UP YOGA class is for you if you are a student with high energy that needs to learn to relax.


Yin Students looking for a slower paced class will enjoy a yin yoga class. In this style of yoga, each pose is held for a long period of time. This meditative style of yoga is ideal for enhancing your mind-body relationship and recovering from muscle soreness or injury.Yin Yoga is a meditative practice of reconnection and surrender. It is a slow paced style of yoga where poses are held from 2-5 minutes. It consists of a lot of the more relaxing floor poses to open up the hips, spine and shoulders.

Christian Yoga

Yoga is not a religion however Christian Yoga is a way to deepen your
connection with God by creating stillness and quiet through essential poses,
breathing and prayer mantras and meditation.

Anyone Can Be a Yogi

No matter what your level of fitness or flexibility, you can enjoy health and lifestyle benefits from practicing yoga at Yoga By Robin. Many yoga poses -- or "asanas", as they are called in Sanskrit -- are fairly easy to do. Even the advanced asanas can often be modified to make them more accessible to the novice yogi. Classes exist for all skill levels at Yoga By Robin, and we can accommodate students at all levels of fitness. Even if you have a medical concern, such as pregnancy or a previous injury, we can still work with you to tailor your yoga practice to your specific needs and keep your yoga practice safe.


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